SRP Rebates = $$$ for you!

Are you an SRP customer?  Do you need your lighting upgraded to a more efficient style?  Talk to us, we are an approved trade ally for SRP which means all you have to do is let us do everything!  We perform a lighting survey on your building, submit the results to SRP to find out how much of your project they will rebate and how much you will save each year, perform the install, and you start your savings!!  For more information or to set up a free survey, contact!

Looking For An Outside Salesperson

We are looking for someone that will make in person cold calls, do lighting surveys, present the findings, and close the sale.  We need someone that is money motivated, a self starter, and can discipline their own time. We offer base salary plus commission, bonuses, health care, paid vacation, and paid holidays. Annual compensation depends on how hard you want to work. An average sales rep will make between $50-60,000 per year. Please contact us if you are interested in meeting in person to interview for this position. Thank you.

More information about this position can be found at:


Energize Phoenix can help you save even more $$ on your lighting upgrade!

Do you know about the Energize Phoenix program?  The City of Phoenix will match up to 90% of rebates offered by APS if you are in the eligible area of the light rail corridor!  KER Electric can not only complete your lighting installation but handle all of the rebate paperwork so all you have to do it wait for a check!  Read here to find out more information and see if you qualify: